Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Canon PhotoMarathon is one of the region's largest and most recognised photo competitions. Created for anyone with a passion for photography, the Canon PhotoMarathon is open to amateur and professional photographers alike.

Therefore I was one of it!

After five hours journey exploring Sunway Lagoon on a hot sunny day, these are some stuffs that I got from the event. There should be lot more, but as a photographer, I have to be selective. It is not necessary to upload everything I got.

There were three themes given by the organizer
Theme 1: Splash
Theme 2: Red
Theme 3: Shooting in Progress

So photographers will shoot whatever they like base on the themes and submitted their photo at the end of the day. I submitted my photo quite early, around 2.00pm because I was very hungry and tired already and want to go home ASAP.

Canon booth in black & white. There were variety of compacts, DSLRs and lenses displayed on the rack. Participants were able to try and playing around with the gadgets.

This man was so hungry and try to finish his nasi lemak at Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater. As we are about to have fun in the sun, heavy breakfast is a must have menu. Luckily I already brought some kuih for breakfast. Thus it could save my money compared to the price of nasi lemak inside the theme park.

Live performance from an unknown chinese artist, who was product of Astro.


Sea of the reds.

Khusyuk membaca sampai tak sedar gambar diambik. Bila dia macam nak sedar, kitorang pulak buat2 tak sedar lepas tu caboootttt!!!

Maka bertebaranlah mereka di atas muka bumi Sunway Lagoon.

Caution! Smoking is bad for your health!

Panorama @ Sunway Lagoon.

Hunting time!


Sempat tidor lagi ke bang?

Seorang insan masih tercari-cari idea.


Sendiri kesepian

There were a school of fish in the pond!

Kasi close-up sikit.

Tiang bewarna merah

First time tengok tiger give a shit!

Lepas berak, buat muka comel pulak!

Ular sawa kuning

Ini bukan model, tapi salah seorang visitor kat theme park ni. Tiba2 jer jumpa nampak dia tengah landing baik punya, so kitorang pun mintak kebenaran dulu nak shoot gambar dia ni. Siap cakap "u look likes a model lah. may i shoot your photo?". amoi ni pon sporting jer. apalagi... shoot ajer lah!

Tarzan Malaya. Seorang lagi model yang saya jumpa. Tengok pada pakaian dia nih, tak kan visitor kot. Mungkin dia ni salah sorang pekerja taman tema ni. Dia ni pon sporting layan jer kitorang shoot gambar dia.

Rombongan ATV telah tiba.

Mamat arab ni saje lah tu nak tayang body.

Lepas submit gambar dan servis kamera dekat booth canon, saya pun balik. Perut dah menggigil-gigil tahan lapor. Tak larat nak tunggu dah walau pun banyak lagi program petang tu macam free seminar and bengkel fotografi.

Lagipun, the result will be posted on the web.

Tahun ni tak menang takpe, cari pengalaman dulu. Tahun depan nak join lagi.

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