Thursday, September 18, 2008

Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class

It was 1st Ramadhan 1429H. A little bit boring since i am the only one who could eat during day time. Thinking as there was nothing much to do, ayah decided to bring us watching a movie, which was i always pronounce as 'robot'. Anyway, the actual title is WALL-E, but since it was so hard to pronounce, 'robot' is much more easier.

For that purpose, we went to The Summit USJ. First time lepak summit. OK lah... still can survive eventough looks old school shopping bazaar. Lots of handphone and DVD shops. Hehehe dapat lagi more resources for the new DVD.
As the movie is over, we awere decided to go back immedietly as bonda needs to help tok ma preparing some iftar meals. Tengok2 hujan punyalah lebat. Kereta pulak park dekat open space. Camane nak buat?
Then ayah saw there was an indian teenager holding an umbrella with him. Ayah went to that boy and the conversation begin.
"Bro, may I borrow your umbrella for a while? I need to pick up my car and bring it here. I got a baby with me".
"Oh ok! Only if you could bring me home. Actually I am waiting for a cab to bring me and some of my stuff. The rains is so heavy. No cab around."
Cheh! mamat ni! Dia letak syarat pulak dah.
Since the time is ticking plus ayah bonda belum solat lagi, then we accept that agreement and brought him home. Nasib baik rumah dia belakang summit tu ajer.
Pandainya ambik kesempatan, kan?

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