Tuesday, August 19, 2008


080808: First time ever watching a movie at the cinema. It was happened at GSC Alamanda, Putrajaya. In conjunction with 21st Malaysia Film Festival, the organizer were giving away free movie passes to heat up the event.

The movie is all about spirit of Merdeka – remember the sacrifices made by our founding fathers to free us from colonialism. Today we must cherish and protect the freedom we have inherited – by upholding the country’s integrity we share the responsibility of ensuring a better future for every Malaysian, with a basic right to education. We Malaysians owe it to our founding fathers to stay united, bound together by our national language and heritage.

Four young Malaysians, Salmi, Razak, Ani and Angee have been assigned to do a picture book of ‘1957’. While two of them grudgingly carry out the request made by the publisher, Zahari. One of them takes on the role enthusiastically. Along the way, they find themselves immersed in the characters, emotional moments, identifying with and finding meaning in the struggle of ‘1957’. They weave the story of independence by transporting themselves back to the past. Ordinary Malaysians who fell in love, and found their love for the country override their personal emotions. The present characters find new meaning to ‘Merdeka’.

A little bit boring movie for a kid like me as it was hard to understand what it is all about. But since it was free, who cares? Besides, I could eat the caramel pop corn!

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