Thursday, September 25, 2008


Ayah used to own a 2 months old-used DSLR Digital Camera EOS 400D from somebody he met at yahoogroup. The Ramadhan afternoon sleeping time was sacrified because of 400D punya pasal. Jalan kaki pergi Ampang Park tengah panas terik bulan puasa.

The package comes with:

1) A camera wrapped with bubble-type plastic bag nicely located inside the box.
2) Open warranty - nothing written on the warranty card.
3) 18-55mm kit lens
4) 1GB CF memory card
5) EOS Digital camera strap
6) UV Filter
7) Extra battery
8) Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3
9) Tripod
10) Camera sling bag
11) Standard accessories like CD, USB cabel, TV cabel and some documents.

All comes with the price tag of RM1600 (before negotiation the price was RM2000). Not so bad for a beginner.

First few pictures taken using the camera.

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