Friday, May 30, 2008


The second biggest football event on earth is back. Lepas habis layan EPL and the dramatic European Champions League, it's time for Euro 2008. A little bit disappointment with the absent of England (I am not saying that they are the best in Europe, but the exposure to EPL makes England team "lebih dekat di hati"). So, bila takde diorang rasa macam kurang umpphhh sikitlah.

Whatever it is, with the present of other European giants, plus lots of quality players bertaraf bintang, Euro 2008 still could make a big impact to the football mania. Sebest-best EPL pon, sebab ramai foreign player from other countries, mostly European and African. Nak harapkan player sendiri, berapa kerat sangat lah yang best.

My Prediction to Quater-Final:
Group A: Portugal & Czech
Group B: Germany & Croatia
Group C: Susah nak pilih group nie as ada World Cup Finalist France & Italy, then the mighty Netherlands. However i pick France & Netherlands for quarter.
Group D: Spain & Greece

In addition, ada pulak Fantasy Manager kat website
My first eleven...
Tapi yang tak best nyer bila banyak game main pukul 3 pagi... tak kuasa lah den nak nengok... tunggu semi-final atau final... ambik cuti ler jawab nyer...

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