Thursday, June 11, 2009


I do not know what is the exact word to describe the relationship between us. Technically, her mom and and my bonda are biological cousins, as her grandma and my tok ma are siblings. So we are sharing the same great great grand parents.

What about us?
Some said we are "2 pupu"... do not know what is the terms in english.
If that so then our children will be 3 pupu... our grand children will be 4 pupu... our great grand children will be 5 pupu and so on... like that ah?

Some said we are anak sepupu, which I think it's far from right. The thruth is, my bonda with this girl will be anak sepupu, which means anak kepada sepupu.

For the sake of vocabulary, I really need to know this kind of pupu terms in english.

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